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Károly Bende
The executive: Management Consultant, Interim Manager, QF Facilitator, ECA Certified Trainer & Coach

I like to build and create. I enjoy the process that leads to value creation. I have been involved in the founding, creation, development and operation of many businesses and companies in a variety of roles.

  • 25+ years of management experience
  • 130+ organizational, operational, process, leadership and team development projects
  • operational experience in economic management, HR, logistics, project management, IT, sales

Based on the feedback I received, my strengths are understanding, inspiration and support, combined with a complex vision based on experience.

Julianna Bende
ECA certified Health and Life Coach, Personality and Behavioral Counselor, Yoga Instructor

Finding and maintaining internal balance means stability in solving challenges and difficult situations. As a coach and yoga instructor, my job is to help, support and guide on the road.

„ The only real power is what we exercise over ourselves. We are the masters of our own destiny and the more we are aware of it, the more we are able to make the necessary changes, ” /Jacques Martel/

The Hungarian language expresses it beautifully: we are in health, in wholeness. This requires a way of life, when we know that we are responsible for the areas of our lives and their harmonious functioning, we want and are able to do it for them.

Finding and maintaining internal balance means stability in solving challenges and difficult situations. As a coach and yoga instructor, my job is to help, support and guide on the road.

Structogram®, as a method of personality analysis, helps to reveal our individual behavior, our strengths and opportunities. The coaching processes based on this bring stable self-knowledge and long-lasting, strong results.

As a coach, I use the possibilities offered by yoga, my faith is the harmony of body-soul-spirit. Understanding the effects of yoga philosophy and areas of life - movement, breathing, meditation, and relaxation - can be a lifelong support. As a yoga instructor, I use coaching tools in practice, in shaping and strengthening life.

As an organizational development consultant, my focus is on exploring the personal competencies of employees, shaping employee relationships and examining and developing the impact of all of these on the organization. I gained my experience in the HR field of a logistics company, built from the ground up and developed into a medium-sized enterprise in 20 years.


  • achieving and maintaining personal health, balance
  • maintaining health, developing a healthy lifestyle
  • the need for personal change, adaptation to changing life situations
  • managing personal, social and work situations
  • individual-family-work balance
  • regeneration, stress management
  • yoga as my personal coach tool: experiencing and using the effects of movement-breathing-relaxation to find inner strength, harmony

Organizational development:

  • individual assessment of employees: resources, strengths, personal competencies
  • performance, commitment, workplace relationships
  • individual interviews
  • open and honest communication as a tool
  • organization structure, employee networks (managers and subordinates, subordinates between each other)
  • job and co-worker
  • company value system, company culture
  • development, application and evaluation of a competence system
  • individual development, training development.

László Gőcze
Business consultant

20+ years of managerial and professional experience in a large corporate environment

Professional areas:

  • project management
  • process planning, optimization, management
  • organizational planning, coordination of competencies, operational documentation
  • corporate operations analysis and development

Dr. Bálint Szűcs

Dr. Bálint Szűcs, a bank lawyer, worked as a tax consultant in Deloitte's Budapest office, was an audit lawyer for the tax authorities, and gained experience as a lawyer in the Budapest and Amsterdam offices of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. Since 2006, he has been the head of the Szűcs and Associates Law Firm.

Areas of expertise:

  • company law
  • corporate transformations and acquisitions
  • financial law
  • labor law
  • tax law

He has outstanding experience in the design and implementation of complex company formation projects. Bende Consulting supports its work and clients in matters requiring legal knowledge.

„Yes, tell your story. Be an example to others. Tell everyone that it’s possible, and then others will find the courage to climb their own mountains”

How to climb mountains by Paulo Coelho

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