Topics, situations in which we can support you and your team to find a solution:

Strategic consulting is one of the key areas of general management consulting.

During the consulting, we provide support in the development, implementation and control of the company’s strategy,  in strategic management.

Strategic consulting is a complex process, in which it is important to systematically explore and analyze the connections and to develop appropriate solutions. The future is the focus of the process.

What is the content of strategic consulting?
  • formulating the mission and vision of the company
  • carrying out strategic analyses
  • setting corporate goals and target systems
  • defining the framework of activities
  • defining the paths leading to the achievement of the goals, action plans
  • assisting in the implementation of the strategy, continuously monitoring the implementation
  • reviewing and modifying the strategy as necessary.

As a result of strategic consulting and process development, it may be necessary to restructure company law, contractural and labor law, the professional planning and implementation of which requires specialized legal experience.

Such adaptations may take place
  • corporate transformations (mergers, group formation by division)
  • to screen and restructure contractual relationships
  • labor law reorganization (redeployment, redundancies, outsourcing agreements)
  • to establish employee remuneration schemes
  • the introduction of internal rules.

The subject of the consultancy is the situation assessment of the organisation’s hr system, the examination of their fit with the strategy, goals and business processes. Performance management, performance appraisal, training and development are in the focus. based on the situation, a development proposal is prepared, the implementation and introduction of which may also be part of the support.

What results can be achieved through HR consulting?
The performance evaluation system
  • supports the implementation of the organization’s business and human strategy
  • creates a ling between the objectives and career plans
  • provides an opportunity for continuous communication between employees and managers
  • serves as a basis for the operation of the human subsystems.
It provides training and development in a systematic way
  • the development of skills and competencies
  • up-to-date, marketable expertise
  • the constant renewal of the company’s knowledge and skills base

By developing leaders and employees, the organization increases the quality of its human resources, which enhances its competitiveness, effectiveness, and market adaptability.

As a consultant to your organization, as an external resource, we typically help you achieve effective, efficient operations within a project framework, maximizing the value that can be determined from the point of view of ownership or other stakeholders.

A clear definition of value is essential, as it is not just about maximizing profit.

The implementation of the goals set in the strategy can also be measured and assisted in the field of finance for non-profit and public administration organizations.

What the areas of consultancy can be?
  • situation assessment, screening
  • analysis, planning
  • transformation tasks with related training, process and organizational development proposals
  • method development, IT specification formulation and IT implementation support during system development

Personal management consulting for top and ICT managers of companies to deal with certain problems of ICT management:

  • Relationship between ICT and business areas
  • Preparation of management decisions related to ERP and BI systems, collection and interpretation of necessary information

Leadership development

No one is born a leader. For many, years of leadership experience is not enough to be satisfied with their work, its efficiency, and their leadership skills. One reason for this is that there is no out-of-context leadership: profile, organizational size and level, personnel composition etc.. Based on these, effective leadership will be different. Changes will further increase challenges..

Leadership development serves to provide opportunities for future leaders or experienced learners to gain new methods, to provide support for their practical application, and to develop soft skills. The starting point is to map their own approach, practice, team needs, and then to formulate goals.

What are the benefits of leadership development?

  • The knowledge put into practice by an expert with more than 25 years of management experience is the foundation.
  • A results-oriented yet people-centered approach: the focus is on the leader.
  • Plenty of satisfied customers prove the success of the program.
  • The development of the individual is accompanied by an increase in the efficiency of the organization.

Károly Bende

„I have more than 25 years of leadership experience, during which time I have come across a wide variety of situations and interesting people. I have helped many leaders, stepping out of their comfort zone to reach a higher level of leadership. I helped them recognize their strengths and weaknesses so they could move forward on the path to development. In addition to sharing the lessons of my own leadership and leadership development work to my clients, I create exercises based on the latest, personalized methodologies so that anyone who asks me for help can expect a truly intense, practice-oriented development.”


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