Operational development, organizational transformation


When may it be necessary?
  • In case of business downturn or intense growth.
  • There is a generational change in ownership.
  • Uneven load and responsibility distribution is formed between certain areas and managers.
  • Organizational contradictions appear occasionally or regularly.
  • Preparing to succeed in leadership.
  • During the introduction of new products and services.
  • There are disturbances, confusions and frictions in the execution of the processes.
  • When transforming processes and managerial functions.
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The listed symptoms are accompanied by a decrease in profits, loss of motivation of managers and employees, emigration of valuable professionals, and a decrease in efficiency.

An organization-level, well-founded solution is needed, with two phases:
  • 01 Making a diagnosis
  • 02 Implementation of a development project

Who can benefit from it?

  • The number one leader of the organization
  • The owners of the company
  • Management and lead team members
  • Leaders and experts in the affected areas


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