Compass for the future Team Compass

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Positioning and heading program for teams

Under the Team Compass program, both the team leader and THE members receive personalized support to solve their own complex situation. The methods used, the duration and frequency of the service will be selected with a focus on meeting the common needs of the team and the individual needs of the team members.

Who can benefit?

  • For employees working together in a process of the organization.
  • Different levels of leadership groups in the corporate hierarchy.
  • A group of project members organized for a task.

When may it be necessary?

  • If you need to forge from a workgroup into a team.
  • When the team starts a new activity.
  • If the roles between members, areas of responsibility they change.
  • When a team gets a new leader, it expands or shrinks the number of members is exchanged.
  • To improve performance, quality, efficiency need.
  • Conflicts take time, attention.
  • If the members do not yet form a good enough team to achieve the desired result.


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